Monitor your fleet, measure results

“Don’t talk about your products or services, but about your value proposition, what makes the difference and the results your customers could have thanks to you. This is what matters.” Jill Konrath

Our proposal

Measurement of the driving parameters of each driver based on load conditions, route conditions, etc. Use of specialised processing algorithms developed with experienced heavy vehicle instructors. Driver’s report card. Company welfare subsidies. Lower consumption, wear and maintenance costs. Qualification of the Company vis-à-vis its Clients.


AMASERVICE has developed a series of highly advanced products and functions specific for high-security content services; these functions also involve Customers in preparing their own on-the-road safety by participating directly in the activation of high-security services, such as the Maximum Security and Binding Trip features (AMA patent).


Real-time data acquisition of the DTCO Digital Tachograph with forecast calculation of the driving hours. Automatic periodic downloading of RD and NRD data collected by the digital tachograph every 7 days for the Driver Card, and every 10 days for Vehicle Data. Data for the last 30 days are downloaded for each operation.


Wireless temperature sensors with long-life internal battery. Easy to install and maintain without field calibration. Both trip summary reports and real-time alerts are available if the set thresholds are exceeded. They can be combined with any type of AMA device. Light sensors, increasingly in demand in the pharmaceutical and food sectors, are also available.


Direct and continuous tire pressure and temperature control system. Alarms for High Temperature (over 90°C) and Low Pressure (lower by 12.5%, 25% and 50%),
High Pressure (greater by 25%), and Pressure Release (decrease by 3 psi or more within 12 seconds). Sensors resistant to moisture, high temperature or pressure, water, oil, dust, etc.


Everything under control, thanks to the devices of the WebSAT truck family and a wide range of accessories, every movement, as well as consumption, refuelling, mileage, drivers, tachograph and telemetry data are always available, together with safety management and the connection between vehicles and corporate information system.


WebSAT Trailer is a specific device that provides trailers and semi-trailers with all the necessary functions, both in terms of logistics and safety, to protect the load. Preventive maintenance, trailer identification and temperature control monitoring are particularly useful.


AMASERVICE provides transportation, shipping, logistics operators or clients with a series of products, accessories and specific services for container logistics and security control. The significant experiences honed over the years alongside “worldwide” operators allow us offering unique performance.


AMASERVICE also has its “wild card” too, a specific service that relies on the WebSAT Tracker HS device offering a huge range of possible applications. Particularly useful is the feature that allows tracking loads or packages in cases when the installation of a fixed device is not possible, as in air cargo environment, or where security really matters, in which case the device functions as a “spybox”.